“Strategico” launches the “Emirati Influencers Council ” initiative as part of its commercial services in developing digital marketing scene

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Emirati company “Strategico”, which specializes in strategic communication and digital media, has announced the addition of a new service to its list of digital and commercial media services for social media influencers.

This service is a part of an initiative where “Strategico” welcomes influencers to join the "Emirati Influencers Council" in return for giving them access to the most up-to-date marketing strategies and tactics for their digital work through any social media platform they engage with.

The summit provided a valuable opportunity for the Strategico team to gain insights into emerging trends and to exchange ideas with other experts in their field. They also had the chance to showcase their own innovative approaches and strategies, which have helped clients achieve their goals and transform their organizations.

The membership, which each influencer will pay a monthly fee for, will also provide the subscriber with high-quality services like taking advantage of AI applications and understanding how social media platforms' algorithms change so that they are consistently updated on all things technologically and technically relevant. That is useful for evaluating their work and content, and helps in maximizing their digital organic reach.

"The Emirati Influencers Council" service is a digital initiative through which the company wants to enhance the constructive service partnership between commercial communication companies and social media users, ensuring that everyone can benefit from and achieve digital and marketing successes," said Fatima AlHosany, Director of Strategic Planning and Development at Strategico.

"The new service and initiative announced by Strategico will be activated soon through a website where influencers can join the hub and receive distinguished services from the company.