Discussing media strategies to face the challenges of handling crisis at the Intersec exhibition by Strategico team

The 24th edition of Intersec 2023 was concluded in Dubai on January 19th , the world's leading exhibition for security, safety, and fire protection, in the presence of local, regional, and international sector leaders and experts, and brought together more than 1,000 exhibitors from 55 different countries, a group of the prominent figures and official delegations that represent various departments in ministries and institutions visited the exhibition, in addition to visitors that specialize in the security and safety sector.

Strategic’s Team, which is specialized in strategic communication, digital marketing, and data analysis, visited the conference and the accompanying exhibition, and held business meetings with a group of delegations, prominent figures, and leading organizations and companies, and gave them extensive explanations about strategic communication and developing digital strategies, especially in the light of crisis, which is the Intersec core interest as a security and safety exhibition that brings together leaders and experts in the security sector, to raise the level of communication and find strategies and technologies to overcome the challenges that face public and private institutions worldwide.

According to the Director of Marketing and Business Development, Amna AlSaadi "Managing the media and communication crisis associated with the security and safety disasters are very important aspects in facilitating a comprehensive solution and containing the ramifications and cons, and helps massively in decreasing the crisis deterioration to unexpected stages. The communication features for managing media crisis related to security and safety also seek to provide the appropriate framework for public opinion to act within it in a way that provides awareness and guidance necessary to contribute to reducing any moral or material damage to society".

Intersec specialize in a variety of sectors including Commercial and Perimeter Security, Homeland Security, Police sector, Fire & Rescue, Health & Safety, as well as Cyber Security topics. The exhibition is receiving local, regional, and international media attention as it is one of the most important events that specializes in this industry worldwide.