Strategico launches the first Emirati AI Creative Lab

The first Emirati AI Creative Lab has been launched in the UAE and the Arab region by experts from Strategico, an Abu Dhabi-based strategic communication and digital media company, concerned with integrating communication applications with the Artificial Intelligence technologies

The AI Creative Lab will oversee activities such as a research and technology hub that develops plans, standards, and applications for the optimal use of artificial intelligence and the resulting services for strategic partners and customers, as well as providing Creative communication and marketing outputs related to artificial intelligence, with the goal of positively influencing the reality of their media and digital practices, whether in terms of content or dealing with crises in addition to digital public relations, monitoring and analyzing data, and benchmarking.

Strategico has allocated to the AI Creative Lab an Emirati media team that has all the expertise in the field of technology and the ability to connect the creative human element with the applications of artificial intelligence, in addition to doing AI transformation strategies, public relations, digital marketing, and social communication.

According to Fatima Alhousani, Director of the Strategic Planning and Development Department, "The laboratory's launch is one of the company's work streams related to strategies. It was developed in order to take advantage of technology and put it to use in the service of developing Strategico’s, its partners’ and clients’ daily work. " Director Alhousani also discussed the importance of AI for the company as it is a big part of its business. She stated that Strategico is a pioneer in utilizing advanced technologies from around the world and adapting them to serve the UAE and its institutions.

Strategico will soon organize a visit to its new laboratory for partners, clients, and media professionals to review the course of actions and outputs.