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Data Analysis

Listening Analysis
Competitor Analysis
SWOT Analysis
AI-Powered Reporting
Performance Analysis
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Real Time Monitoring
Public Perception Analysis

Strategico provides a host of services through its monitoring and data analysis team, with the aim of supporting timely decision-making based on a set of data and analytical indicators. The team collects data and content and then provides daily reports and bulletins in various areas such as media, social, economic, and political aspects.

Strategico handles and analyses big data to help clients access various data from various media and digital sources. Strategico also works on "Performance Analysis" and provides reports that evaluate the level of engagement, and access indicators as well as the interactions in the digital space.

Strategico focuses on the SWOT analysis, which identifies external opportunities and threats, as well as internal strengths and weaknesses to address or enhance them in a way that helps in preparing crisis management plans. “Competitor Analysis” is also extremely important for organisations and businesses, as it monitors the performance of entities working in the same sector, relying on a comprehensive study of the current situation, finding gaps, and detecting and investing in competitive advantages.

Strategico provides “Monitoring and Data analysis” reports between brands and institutions to determine the development of the media and digital presence by following the analysis based on public opinion analysis, which helps to know the common opinions and the most discussed topics. The “AI-Powered Reporting” conducted by Strategico also affects the measurement performance of trending topics according to the current and peak time periods, which gives indicators that help decision-makers and alert them to developments and updates related to digital identity and reputation.

Providing "Media Recommendations" and procedures that enable clients to manage crises and achieve the required flexibility in dealing with all phenomena with a high degree of maturity. We also provide our clients with direct transmission of development notices and events, monitoring media topics that circulate digitally through “Instant Alerts"", keeping abreast of the most prominent events that circulate digitally and analysing them based on the audience reactions, and the extent of influencers' response through following "Trends".

The objective of our services is to achieve full readiness for what may affect the digital reputation of our clients, by ensuring that no detail is left to chance, and eliminating the element of surprise through continuous measurement of public opinion. This is achieved by our qualified team, which consists of specialists and experts, who are available to provide you with more information, answer your inquiries, and provide you with expert pieces of advice.