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Strategico team provides tools to create strong public relations which promote presence among a large audience in the digital world. In the same context. Our influencer outreach service has been introduced to build relationships with prominent influencers on different online platforms. Our influencer network covers all social channels, identifying the fit for you to reach and interact with them. In an emergency, “ Communication Crisis Management"" can be seen as providing the client with the necessary media to conduct targeted campaigns, and to quickly reach the largest segment of the audience to increase credibility and brand confidence.

Strategico adopts special policies in dealing with digital campaigns and influencers, being one of the most important services that have developed in our modern era and have become a prerequisite for development and success. We execute campaigns in a holistic integrated approach, with each service having an influence and importance. It starts with analysis, then analysing the client's current objectives, examining access and interaction indicators, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and finally based on the results providing the respective strategies for promotion and marketing. We also offer "Media Relations"" service that helps clients find a means of communication with the target audience, and publish topics, content, and data for them, through successful media campaigns that contribute to shaping true and meaningful public opinion. Strategico provides ""Media Coverage" service through direct contact, press interviews, and posing many questions outlining ideas to the audience and answering their queries.

One of the most important services in the field is “Online Reputation Management” which is based on promoting the positive image of corporate brands, individuals, and public figures, online through a series of promotional and marketing strategies. “Community Management” is done using the latest listening tools, focusing on feedback, to ensure campaign effectiveness, measure growth at the follower base, facilitate access to prospects, and increase their relationships and interaction. Our team offers an ads service for higher promotional features, supporting digital presence, improving ratings on search engines, and raising access and interaction indicators.

The main goal of our services is to enhance your strategic communication with the audience, maintain your positive reputation, and build credibility and loyalty to your brand and institution for the government and private sectors. Set an appointment to meet an expert to provide you with the latest digital solutions!